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I was hunting for such databases for a while while preparing my project. Here is what I collected.

For brain-computer interface developers:

Currently the biggest database for BCI experiments. Contains EEG’s recorded while imagining various movements and P300 data. Also find here desriptions & rankings for different BCI algorithms.

P300 data for 9 subjects and Matlab code to reproduce results of their paper “An efficient P300-based brain-computer interface for disabled subjects”

EEG’s of 2 subjects’ movement imagery

Look here for project’s #8 “Audiovisual Content Generation Controlled by Physiological Signals for Clinical and Artistic Applications” database. It contains EEG recordings for finger, foot & tongue movements.

Sleep EEG:

EEG recordings of 8 subjects while they were asleep

Another sleep EEG but from a heart study. Data from one subject is available for download, another 9736 polysomnograms need to be asked for.

Abnormal EEG from epileptic patients:

EEG recordings from epileptic patients (intracranial) and healthy volunteers

Some VEP, epileptic and control EEG recordings

Other databases:

A huge database containing ~120 subjects, and for each of them, ~120 one-second VEP recordings. Subjects were presented with simple pictures and their EEG was recorded for one second as they looked on the image trying to remember it.

Here you can download 3.4 Gb database with EEG’s recorded for 14 subjects while they perform picture recognition or categorization tasks.

EEG’s from five subjects while they’re trying to distinguish between synonymous and non-synonymous word pairs

EEG recordings of 7 subjects while they perform such tasks as counting, math, rotation, letter writing or just simply resting.

“Emotionally driven physiological signals from both the peripheral (galvanic skin response, respiration and blood volume pressure) and central nervous system (EEG and frontal fNIRS)”. More about the project + source code for data analysis – on eNTERFACE page – look for project #7 in 2006 year results


  1. I need EEG database of normal person thinking of thoughts to move left,right,front or back for my B.E project.

    1. Hi.. Did you find a migraine eeg database ? I need too. Could you send me a link for download it?
      Thank you.

  2. can you provide me an alternative link for downloading eeg database of a epileptic patient. The above links are not working.

  3. 8| Priyanka
    06/03/2012 at 1.04pm

    hi can you provide me a link for downloading eeg dataset of a parkinson’s disease patient.

  4. Dear colleagues,

    I am looking for EEG data of language processing (any level). Your help is highly appreciated.

    1. Did you find any datasets that you need ? if yes can you share with me please ? 🙂

  5. I was searching for ECG database related to seizure and non seizure patients!
    Can you help in that ?

    1. Did you find any datasets that you need ? if yes can you share with me please ?

    1. We are also looking for brain cancer eeg data. Were you able to find any?

  6. i need EEG signal for drowsiness prediction in matrix ,notepad or excel form…can anyone help

  7. Hey, I am looking authenticate EEG data for parkinson disease which is free to download.Is there any link?

  8. I want eeg signal in .eeg format for our project. Can you guide me to get the required data. plz reply asap.

  9. I need eeg signal of any neurological disorder in .mat or any matlab compatible format for my project. Could you inform me where to get the required data? plz reply asap.

    1. I need EEG database for Smokers and non smoker subject. And also for Drug addicted and non addicted subject. Please anyone help me.. plz. It’s my 4th year thesis topic..

  10. I need EEG data of 4-5 patients having same disease while they are sleeping in .txt format.

  11. Hi,
    Do you have EEG data for autism children?
    If you could provide the data, please let me know via my e-mail

    Thank you in advance


    1. I am also interested in any Autism data you might have. Please let me know if you have any or if you can point me in the right direction.



    2. Hi, I’m also looking for EEG data on autistic children.
      (I haven’t managed to get it from the article authors).

      Any chance you have any?

  12. hello,i need some eeg signals recorded for download..plz provide the link for that…as soon as poosible

  13. Dear sir, could you please upload schizophrenia subject eeg data set and ocd patients eeg data set………………..?
    Or plz plz mail me

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