DIY EEG Devices or Cheap EEG – 2


As blog’s stats shows a lot of us today are dreaming of a cheap EEG device – most traffic is coming from Google searches “cheap eeg”, “cheapest eeg hardware” and the like =) From cheap EEG devices available, cheapest are those you build yourself. Currently there are various DIY EEG hardware designs & building instructions available on the Internet. Here is a short survey on what we have.

Note: for total novices, best place to start with EEG is short intro on How EEG Machine is Made.

The most popular



It even doesn’t need a mention – because it’s most popular of the EEG hardware designs, everyone who searches for DIY EEG will get it in top results. This device has 6 channels but can be expanded to 16.


State of the art

ModularEEG is good design to start from but now, as technology advances, it’s getting older and older. Here are designs that are more up-to-date.


A 2-channel biometric signal amplifier for EEG and other biological signal processing. This design beats ModularEEG in several aspects, but a bit more difficult to build.




CEEGALS stands for CogniPve Electroencephalography AcquisiPon Laboratory System. This update to ModularEEG allows to wirelessly transfer EEG signals from head to computer. Don’t click the link: site is under construction and contains almost no useful info yet. Instead, check here for some details about the project.


The Programmable Chip EEG BCI

“The purpose of this project is to create a EEG that is modernized with some of the latest hardware. The Design uses lower amplification and higher bit analog to digital converters to remove the need for filtering and amplifying.”


Alternative designs

Sound Card EEG

Site contains schematics for several designs: Single Channel FM Unit, Two Channel AM Unit, Two Channel FM Unit, Four Channel AM Unit (advanced design), Four Channel Multiplexed AM EEG Unit & Eight Channel EEG Unit. Additional info about this project is on OpenEEG website.


Homemade EEG & EKG (ECG) Schematics

From the website: “I developed my 4-channel, dual-purpose EEG/ECG box … We combined schematics from his book Biofeedback and the Arts (available thru Frog Peak Press) with schematics from the article “Computers On The Brain” by Steve Ciarcia (in the June 1998 issue of BYTE magazine)”



  1. I have the older modular eeg boards but need some help on the wiring and assembly. don’t know were to begin on the active electrodes since in the schematics they are using old parts references, i only have fri’s electronics and radio shack around here.

  2. The first thing I wanted to do was finally explore the EEG machine. The idea of using quantifiable information, gleaned from the brain itself, representing it in a variety of manners — from purely aesthetic to powerful data visualization — got my mind humming with possibilities. Directly interfacing with the individual experience of perception is a terrain I had not yet been able to directly explore. Through open source hardware I was finally in a position to begin experimenting with how my own mind responds to stimuli. In addition, the format of taking the research directly to a classroom for further development amongst a background of many interests offered new possibilities for refining the technology.Thanks for sharing…

  3. Alexandra, hi. Thanks for your cool blog. Recently have been looking into the KT88. Below is a recent email I sent to the OpenEEG founders, and it contains a link to yet another DIY EEG amp board, 12 channel, looks like a nice design; simple serial interface.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: William Croft
    Date: Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 2:46 PM
    Subject: opening up access to more designs on OpenEEG website
    To: “Moritz v. Buttlar”
    Cc: Teunis van Beelen , Jim Peters

    Moritz, hi.

    I believe you are one of the founders of the OpenEEG project, is that correct?

    Is it possible that the OpenEEG pages could refer / link out to other open projects offering EEG solutions? Your wiki would be a good place for such info, but I see the link to this is down from your home page. Appears to be permanently dead, I’ve tried on several different days.

    In particular I’m referring to Teunis’ 12 channel system, documented on this page:

    I acknowledge the original OpenEEG hardware developments, but it would be great to have a clearinghouse for all the independently developed new solutions that are coming along. Teunis did announce this on your list in January 2010, but this kind of info really belongs on your main site or a wiki.

    I believe you want to maximize the creative synergies possible with all the various hardware / software talent working in these areas.

    Best regards,


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