Some notes on Contec KT88 EEG amplifier

I’ve just posted that old program to read data from KT88-1016 amplifier here:

– look for file named

It’s written in C++ and should complie without problems with Borland C++ Builder 6.0 – which can be downloaded from torrent.

Also, I threw there a OpenViBe driver sketch – – to use Contec KT88 with OpenViBe BCI software. Disclaimer: It has only basic functionality and some features like configuration still has to be done.


  1. Thanks so much for posting the OpenViBE driver. Would this driver require modifications in order to use it with KT88 systems that have different numbers of channels?

    1. Sure 😉 Right now, even COM port name is hardcoded – the driver expects the device to hang on the COM3 port, while it can be anywhere – COM4, COM5 etc. Number of channels is predefined too.
      But it shouldn’t take that much effort to create a GUI interface that will allow to specify these values without recompiling (probably, I even will do it later in free time…) – and OpenViBe documentation describes how to make the GUI step-by-step.
      Apart from COM port name / numbers of channels, different device models may require different sequences of bytes to control the device. These control bytes can be captured with any software for monitoring serial ports, so they won’t be a serious obstacle too.

  2. Dear Alexandra,

    thank you for posting this contribution on your blog. There are a couple of users on the OpenViBE forum looking forward for such code to start with. Even if not totally finished, this is a good piece of work that other users can start hacking. Do you mind if I forward it to our forum ?

    Best regards,

    1. Sure, dissemination, modifications and further developments are welcome 😉 I haven’t chose the license for this source code yet – there are a lot of good licenses around – Creative Commons, various version of GNU, etc. – will have to take time to study all of them!

      1. Dear Ringo Ring and others
        Very interested in possibility of OpenVibe driver!
        I have the KT88 24 channel unit which samples at 200Hz rather than 100Hz of 16 channel units. I could maybe supply some sample data from a com port sniffer if that would help in making a driver?

  3. Dear Alexandra,

    actually, you know that OpenViBE is L-GPL v2+. So putting this code in the official release (even after a user modifies it) requires that L-GPL v2+ is adopted. I encourage you to chose this license 😉

    Please contact me when the license choice is made so I can spread your code on the OpenViBE forum appropriately.

    Best regards,

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